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The usual thing is that the Associations aren´t specific in Dyscalculia, but are for children (and their parents and teachers) who have Dyslexia and, on a secondary basis, Dyscalculia. We should take into account that is not easy to find a child with Dyscalculia and without other learning difficulty.

•    Associazione Italiana Dislessia(AID):

•    Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca e l'Intervento nella Psicopatologia dell'Apprendimento(AIRIPA).

•    Ariee associazione Dislessia Discalculia Disortografia Disgrafia DSA Roma (ARIEE):

•    PensareOltre:

European and International associations
•    International dyslexia association (IDA)

•    The British Dyslexia Association. (BDA)

It includes too information for parents, teachers and, even, for dyslexic people.

•    LDA Learning disabilities Association of America –

Include information as FAQ, media room, legislation, information about events…these documents are organized into different parts for parents, teachers, researchers…

•    Dyslexia Association of Ireland-

In this web, you are going to find information related to education, for children, parents and teachers. But you could find information useful too in workplace contexts, for adults with this problem.

•    National Center for Learning Disabilities (USA)-

It provides help in several learning difficulties.

•    Scope about disability (UK charity cente -