Training on learning disabilities

for parents and teachers.

New strategies and methodologies

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Collaboration between parents and the teacher is essential, since early detection of reading and writing disorders will offset the child's difficulties.

The tutor of pupils with learning difficulties maintains a permanent and active relationship with families, informing them of adopting support measures in a meeting held for that purpose and monitored by the Centre’s counselor.

Families will be informed of the curricular adjustments to be carried out, according to the provisions of the psychopedagogical report and criteria and procedures for evaluation and promotion established by teaching staff.

The tutor, assessed by guidance services, will work with families in monitoring the strategies taken and will advise on strategies to improve student learning and help the child's education.

In addition, where applicable, guidance services will provide to the families and students, with information about the resources of the school, setting up necessary coordination and collaboration channels and enabling maximum use by these students.