Training on learning disabilities

for parents and teachers.

New strategies and methodologies

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In the evaluation of the pupils learning

•    Care for the effort as well as achievement. This gives the pupil a better chance of getting a balanced mark.
•    Pinpoint mistakes in an appropriate way to the child’s level. Use a pencil and, in general, avoid red pen.
•    Give more time for the execution of a work
•    Evaluate considering the processes more than the results
•    In tests, use sheets that must beclear from a graphic point of view
•    Evaluate in a constructive way, always separating the error from the content (do not evaluate transcription errors, spelling errors, etc.)
•    Let the student know that it is always possible to improve 
•    Give precise indications about how to obtain improvements
•    Pay attention to how you correct (formal aspects of the correction)
•    Do tests in the early morning