Training on learning disabilities

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New strategies and methodologies

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Pupils with learning disabilities usually have, at least, an school perfomance below their intellectual potential. Most of them, moreover, fail in all or some of the school subjects. Although in the last years, a lot of countries have developed laws that try to introduce in the educational context some strategies that help them to achieve the educational objectives, the reality is that teachers and parents nowadays have problems to help pupils to reach to a good level in basic competences in order to have a better educational future and then, to have better job conditions, especially those that are in a social disadvantage situation.

When we interview to teachers and parents about learning difficulties, they always say that they need more training about how to help this kind of pupils, taking into account that they are intelligent, but don´t learn in accordance with their intellectual coefficient. Teachers don´t know how to manage to teach to several kind of pupils in the same moment. Parents, especially in rural contexts or in other disadvantages situations, don´t know the new technologies that could make their children to compensate their difficulties and to improve their skills.

So, with this Project we try to look for new strategies that help teachers and parents to learn about how pupils and children with learning difficulties could enhance better school results, to organize innovative trainings for teachers and parents and, finally, to create some new tools and materiales for all of them and for other school advisers and educational leaders.

* We need a project that deal with this situation in a innovative way, in order to motivate teachers and parents to develop their basic skills, as we are in a crisis situation and they nowadays have scarce levels of motivation. And we need a trasnational project because two main reasons: 1-we can enrich all together, having more opportunities to exchange good practices and find innovative and good strategies to gain our objectives; 2- because in a trasnational project, we can disseminate better our products, to help more parents and teachers, and in the same way, more pupils, not only in a local, regional and national level, but in an european level.

* The objectives we want to achieve are:

  1. Objectives for the participant institutions:
  1. Development, transfer and aplication of innovative practices in a local, regional, national and european level. We are going to try to find new strategies to help teachers and parents to improve learning-teaching processes through the ICT and other innovative materials and methodologies. In this process, all participants in the different institutions have to develop better digital competences, practice other adult treaning strategies, what suppose the increase of our professional competences.

  1. Objectives related to our direct target group (parents and teachers):
  1. Analyze the answer to the current pupils diversity (how teachers and parents, until now, deal with learning disabilities) trying to do a research about the current good strategies we can use in the future too, but enphasizing in the problems we have in order to find innovative solutions.
  2. Improve teachers competences developing new teaching methodologies that allow them to teach to different kind of pupils, including pupils with learning disabilities.
  3. Enhance better levels of ICT use in the educational context – by teachers and parents-in order to help them to teach better to pupils with learning disabilities and these could gain better school results and better learning for all their lives.
  4. Introduce changes in the teaching-learning processes in adults training, to make it more modern, but especially, more effective, through the introduction of ICT and other new applications to make sure these strategies are finally introduced in the school context.
  5. Increase teachers motivation in difficult situations, as teaching to pupils with problems in crisis contexts.
  6. Give parents better support about how to deal with children with learning disabilities, training them with new strategies and ICT materials.
  7. Indirect objective: Increase pupils with learning disabilities learning achievement.

The products we are going to produce and you can find in this portal are:

  • Web platform in which parents, teachers and pupils can find ideas about how these kind of pupils learn better; ICT tools, innovative strategies, books and articles, related to these learning difficulties: Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dysortographia, Dyscalculia, Non verbal learning disease and Attention Disorder with Hyperativity. All these materials are free and open.
  • Courses materials for teachers and workshop for families about how to manage with learning difficulties: with recorded materials, curricula of the courses, etc.
  • The creation of original videogames to help pupils with learning difficulties to learn better and to work the executive functions recommended to each kind of disease.
  • Methodological guide with good practices in the teaching-learning process to help these pupils to learn better, with a Glossary term guide to allow to teachers and parents not used to work with ICT tools to understand well these kind of materials.
  • Questionnaire for teachers and parents to know well their needs and knowledge about learning difficulties.
  • Crytical analysis of the situation in learning difficulties in 5 countries.

All these materials are at the disposal of the public in six languages: Spanish, English, Polish, Turkish, Italian and Lithuanian.