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In the evaluation of the pupils learning

To evaluate these students we must consider the following aspects:

To adopt the most appropriate procedures, techniques and tools to evaluate the pupil´s learning, in order to assess the student's knowledge suitably, despite their limitations in expression, particularly in learning of languages.

  • Use of complementary or alternative oral tests, objective, standardized or execution, according to student characteristics.
  • Refer Student assessment to the basic contents of the subject or area essential to achieving the basic skills and educational aims of the stage.
  • Adapt exams to the possibilities of the student without reducing requirements regarding minimum contents (official contents that is compulsory to learn in each country). In the case of students with dysorthography, accuracy can more flexible when correcting spelling and grammar which are the result of a learning difficulty.
  • Make a free space for the student by:
  • Caring for the format of written texts and tests given to the student, ensuring they are easy to read and avoiding cumulative or small print.
  • Make short and frequent examinations, leading to continuous assessment that also takes into account the student's effort to learn.
  • Organize the exam schedule so they do not all take place in a few days.
  • Hold the most difficult tests in the early hours of the school day to avoid fatigue, or even divide them into several sessions when necessary.
  • Remind the student to review each test question before answering and handing it in.
  • Make so that the student can at any time access the instructions given at the beginning of the test.
  • When the student has difficulty writing or is simply slow provide verbal strategies such as guides, graphs, with it not being required to copy the sentences, etc.

Do not consider misspellings when deciding the final mark.

-Give more time for tests.