Training on learning disabilities

for parents and teachers.

New strategies and methodologies

and ICT contribution.


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Materials and resources

-Use manipulative material to initiate and strengthen learning such as raised lettering, strips for calculation, relief maps, models, geometric shapes, etc.

-Promote the use of new technologies in the classroom to support and offset learning difficulties.

-Agree on the use of agendas, (in paper or digital agendas) to facilitate the organization of student work.

-Allow presentation of class work in alternative written text formats, such as computer presentations, audio, films etc.

The most important:

Computer is a great fellow for a student with Dysorthographia. It permits to assist him during the composition of texts thanks to the use of the grammar check.
There are some software (free such as OpenOffice, or compensatory software designed for Learning Disabilities, or for fee as Microsoft Office) that can recognize and correct errors and make the document clearer.

Another important tool for student with Dysorthographia is the vocal synthesis that helps student in recognizing errors using the auditory channel.