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In the evaluation of the pupils learning

Pupils with NVLD could have problems with written exams due to the following:

  • Illegible writing.

  • Not completing tasks on time.

  • Poor organisation and the teacher cannot understand the content.

Here are some ideas to help:

Give them more time.

At home train how to do exams for different subjects, giving rewards for the effort, not only for the results. Teach them strategies like: always start answering the questions they know best, ask for an explanation to ensure the question has been understood well, etc.

Adapt exams. We must adapt the way we evaluate, but not the content. For example:

  • Distribute the questions in a bigger space. For example, if the usual exam has 5 questions per page, write only 2-3 for pupils with NVLD or even give the questions one by one in different sheets of paper.

  • Use simple sentences and visual clues. Give an oral explanation individually.

  • Give one example of possible answers.

  • Write questions in a bigger space (more paragraphs, or with a plan)

  • Design different types of questions: short questions, join sentences, multiple choice, choose between “True” or “False”…

  • Use oral exams.

Time management. Use a sand clock, for example, to encourage them to manage time, giving rewards if they finish the task before the time set (or when the sand runs out if using a sand clock).

Do not penalise the mark of an exam because handwriting is bad. We must focus on the content even if the information is not well expressed or organised.

Do not use traditional ways of evaluation only. Teachers could do a register of daily work, ask for tasks done with computers or video/tape recording using ICT, trying to increase motivation and learning.