Training on learning disabilities

for parents and teachers.

New strategies and methodologies

and ICT contribution.


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Kind of materials and resources

They could need psychomotor parks and objects to practice these skills.

To train manual skills they need: different sizes balls, glass beads to string, different shapes and sizes boxes, bottles, bags, objects to recognize without seeing, materials to create objects (rubber, paper, clay…

The materials we usually use to do Crafts and those we use in Kindergarden are good.

To train social skills, it´s good to have “social stories” to practice different situations.

Allow the use of support material:

For mathematical operations teaching aids such as abacuses, countable material, multiplication tables and even a calculator are suggested.

As for dysgraphia due to lack of visual-spatial hand-eye coordination a laptop or tablet is recommended, materials which allow writing that do not condition the outcome of the work.

Allow submission of coursework in alternative formats to written text, such as computer presentations, audio, films, etc.

Prioritize quality of work over quantity, since problems such as dysgraphia and control of handwriting may affect the rhythm and completion of tasks. For this reason it is advisable to regulate the amount of homework, decreasing it.